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PlanZent is a new type of mobile sales presentation software that merges the familiar look and feel of a traditional slide deck with dynamic rule-driven data capture. It helps your team capture customer requirements earlier in the sales cycle, and leverages Google Apps to automate the creation of proposals and other documents.

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This video provides a one-minute overview of the key ideas behind PlanZent, and how it can shorten the sales cycle of complex and/or customizable products and services.

Go with the WorkFlow

This diagram shows how PlanZent brings automation to the requirements capture and proposal creation processes.

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Why use PlanZent?

  • Reduce training costs for new salespeople
  • Enable non-technical salespeople to sell technical products and services more effectively
  • Identify additional opportunities during a sales call
  • Turn preliminary meetings into productive requirements-gathering sessions
  • Automatically insert context-relevant case study excerpts into your presentations
  • Build repeatable, interactive interview processes for new prospective customers
  • Automate the generation of proposals, quotes, and customized sales collateral
  • ... and many more!

PlanZent's rules engine monitors the data that you enter during the meeting, and uses this information to determine which slides should be shown, hidden, or even created on-the-fly, based on the rules that you have defined for your presentation.

With PlanZent, dynamic adaptive presentations do not require magic, just a little bit of planning.

The time and effort required to train new salespeople is reduced since your PlanZent presentations do some of the heavy lifting for your sales team at meeting time. PlanZent is especially useful for non-technical sales reps who work in technology-oriented industries, such as hardware, software, or consulting services.

By following PlanZent's best practices for Goal-Driven Presentation Development, your organization can verify that your presentation slide decks are explicitly aligned with your goals for each step in the sales cycle, ensuring that all reps stay on-message and maximize the value of client face time.

Goal Driven Presentation Development diagram

PlanZent provides an integrated, end-to-end solution for planning, creating, delivering, and leveraging interactive presentations that scale from the coffeeshop to the boardroom.

Since PlanZent runs on multiple platforms, your team can standardize on one tool, regardless of the venue and/or presentation device (laptop, tablet, etc.)

The PlanZent user interface was designed for use on a tablet in close quarters, such as a coffee shop table or restaurant booth.

PlanZent is designed to keep your hands out of the way of your presentation slides. So instead of relying on a swiping motion for navigation (which would obscure your customer's view of the screen), PlanZent has a Navigation Bar at the top of the screen that lets you keep your hands out of the way.

Since PlanZent incorporates both your slide deck and note taking duties, it knows how to generate a summarized recap of your notes.

PlanZent makes it easy to generate documents based on the structured data that you collect in your meetings. Any documents that you generate and share are immediately available to your teammates using Google Drive.

These are screenshots from the PlanZent iPad application.

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PlanZent Early Adopter Program (EAP)

We are currently looking for firms interested in joining our Early Adopter Program (EAP). EAP members will get priority support and no-charge professional services assistance as they evaluate PlanZent and incorporate it into their sales organization.

If you are interested, please email sales@planzent.com, and reference EAP in the subject title.